Bright Beginnings Infant and Toddler Care believes in providing an environment that is secure, caring, loving, nurturing, and anti bias.  We strive to create a warm, open, and home-like feel for your child.

Our philosophy revolves around play-based learning.  Current research shows that children learn best through play-based activities and experiences.  At Bright Beginnings Infant and Toddler Care, we strive to aid children though play experiences, providing them with essential opportunities to explore, experiment, and learn.

Through play in a comfortable, safe and creative space, children are always encouraged to satisfy their curiosities, solve problems, explore their environment, express self confidence and independence, express their thoughts and feel proud of themselves and their accomplishments.

Children will be given daily opportunities to express themselves in many ways.  Children are introduced to activities and experiences that support their emotional, social, creative, cognitive, and physical growth. Nurturing their sense of self, and aiding them to develop social skills play a vital role in our philosophy.

Children of all ages and stages will be challenged daily with developmentally appropriate activities, based on their current skill level.  Children will be encouraged to set their own pace with the guidance and support of our skilled and trained Early Childhood Educators.  We want to make this introduction to child care a positive and happy experience for you and your children.

Families are the most important thing in a child’s life, therefore they also play a very important and vital role in our program.  We want, and will continually support them to be involved in a meaningful way in their children’s experience here.

Staff members have chosen Early Childhood Education as a career, not only for their love of children, but also because of a strong dedication to supporting children’s development.  Our staff have made a commitment to establishing a mutual trust with families and children at the centre. All staff continually attend workshops and relevant training to further their skills and education.

We, at Bright Beginnings Infant and Toddler Care, have made a commitment to foster the values of co-operation, kindness, empathy, respect and responsibility.